How to Earn Money through You Tube?



  • Now a days there are so many people are using a YOU-TUBE channel and Earning more & more .So in this Topic we have to discuss about the earning procedure through youtube channel.



>You tube is the very Big platform in the digital world and you can also earning a lots of money through them.Very simple and easy process to earn a money through you tube channel.So why u think more for the start….??


  • Lets we Do that…………..!!!!


Procedure to link your YOU -TUBE to Google adsense.

Step1. Firstly to Sign in with your YOU-TUBE account.

Step2. Click on your account Icon &  select the “CREATE STUDIO” menu

Step3.Select the Channel & Choose the Status and Features Menu.

Step4. Choose the MONETIZATIONS options and click on that and ENABLE that option.

Step5.Follow the Steps and accepts the YOUTUBE terms and conditions of the you tube partners program.

Step6.Now SignUp with Google adsense account.



  • In the Google adsense:—


Step1.Confirm your monetize for all your existing and upcoming videos

Step2.Check the boxes under Ads format to choose which type of ads you want to show in your video.

Step3.Click on Save Button.

Step4.Then starts your earning with YOUTUBE.


Good luck…….:)


For more info plz click on these links:-


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