Facebook Disclosed New App for Kids Coming Soon….!

App Name:——  ( “Messenger Kids“)


For Purpose of this App is :—

“I think it’s very important that parents know “who their kids are talking to”.


  • That they know that the conversations are appropriate.”


  • Facebook designed a new messenger App for Kids, This app allow them to “Text message” and “Video chat” to friends and family.


  • The social network Giant said children between the ages of (6 to 11 years) are most likely to attracting toward the standalone app, this is raising concerns about its safety in the hands of such youngsters.


  • Facebook says that now using this app parents can control completely on App, through using their own accounts, with the help of this they can approve all of their children’s contacts before kids can begin texting messages.




  • This Messenger Kids, is available for only on “Apple Products, allows kids to chat with individually or a groups of people.


  • This app also coming with interactive face filters that use frames, stickers, masks and emojis, and as well as various sound effects


  • This app does not allow any ads and none of any information about the kids will be used for ads. The social network also is looking for controls around how much time a kid can spend on the app.


  • Children can block that makes them feel uncomfortable, which will notify parents and children are not allow to delete conversations so adults can control kid’s devices.



for more info about this App plz visit this link:-


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