How to make YOU-TUBE Channel?

Today we have to learn about How to create a new You-Tube channel.


  • Now a days so many peoples are create a new youtube channel for the purpose to share his/her own video and his own creativity to show in you tube channel.You tube channel is the very fastest promotion channel in online /digital world.


  • Youtube is also a Name of the Top brand in the world and very popular channel.We all are properly to know about the youtube channel .


  • Feature of the YOUTUBE CHANNEL:-


1.You can easily make your new channel.

2.You can easily Access your Youtube channel.

3.Make also creative video in Your Youtube channel.

4.Easily to access anywhere and anytime.

5.Main Benefits is that you can make a Lots of “Money through your Video Channel” in YOUTUBE.

6.Easily to Link your YOUTUBE account through “GOOGLE Adsense“.


  • How To Create Your Youtube Channel?


Step1.Sign Into Youtube account and Click on the user button at the Top of the screen on right side of the page.

Step2.Click on the Youtube settings icon. on create a new channel.

Step4.choose your channel name .

Step5.Add your channel brand name .

Step6.Then Click On Create.


Click here to more info about You tube channel:-





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