Best Way to Earn money through Google Adsense.

>>>Do you know ?? What is GOOGLE Adsense..?? ,How its work in real life and genuine amount of money you have to earn in your life.


  • Now come to know about what is Adsense and how it is working ?


  • First thing is that Google Adsense is the such type of the program which is hosted by the Google company.In this google adsense they provided some genuine ads related to your daily life ads,cultural ads ,Shopping ads,Business ads, and So many ads related to the google adsense programs.In this google ads-“this is only to show in “Your Websites“.


Eligibility in Google – Adsense:-

  • Custom domain name as example:-(,.in,.net,.org, & etc…)
  • Use google app to create domain specific email address.
  • Add page like about ,Contact
  • Have at least 10-15 well -written blog posts.
  • Don’t use copyright images.


link to more about google adsense:-


  • How it is Working:-


step 1.-Purchase your Own Domain name.

step 2.-Host your site.

step 3.-Post at least 15 to 20 articles.(around 100 to 300 words for each articles).

step 4.-Generate your website page views and visit more & more viewer around 100 viewer per day.

step 5.-Sign-Up with the Google adsense account.

step 6.-Fill all the mandatory details like your domain name,email,address details ,bank details …etc..& (“Link your website in Your Google adsense account”)

step 7.-Wait for approval via Google adsense.

step 8.-Receive the google adsense Ads.code and Paste in your sites anywhere you want to show your ads in your website.

step 9.- Minimum 3 ads you put in your webpage.

step 10.-Then Start your earning via GOOGLE ads …




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