Know About the WINDOWS Keyboard “SHORTCUT’s”….

Do You Know how many types of the Shortcuts Keys in Windows Operating System

(In Windows–2007/2008/2010..Version.)



  1. What is the Working of “FUNCTION KEYS” In Windows Operating System?
  • F-1:- Display help menu.
  • F-2:- Rename the selected items.
  • F-3:- Search FILES/FOLDER in your system.
  • F-4:- Display Taskbar in the Explorer.
  • F-5:- Refresh the System.
  • F-6:- Screen element cycle in Windows
  • F-10:- Menu Bar Activate in the system.
  • F-11:- Full Screen in Browser.
  • F-12:- Open the Inspect page in Browser.


2.What is the main functions of “WINDOWS” button in keyboards?

1. Press Windows Button + F1:- Windows help page is open

2.Press Windows Button + E:- Open File Explorer

3.Press Windows Button + L:– Lock your PC and Switch page is opened.

4.Press Windows Button + O:- Lock the Screen Orientations:-(landscape & portrait).

5.Press Windows Button + W:- Open the Search Settings page.

6.Press Windows Button +Spacebar:-Switch windows keyboards & Language Input.

7.Press Windows Button + S:- Open the Search options in windows browsing area.

8.Press Windows Button  + D:- Display and Hide the Desktop.

9.Press Windows Button + Tab:- CYcle the used pages in your windows apps.





3 .What is the main functions of “CONTROL(CTRL)” button in keyboards?

1.CTRL + C:- Copy the Items.

2..CTRL + V:- Paste the items

3..CTRL + E:- Select the Search Box.

4..CTRL + X:- Cut the selected items.

5..CTRL + A:- Select All the Items available in your screen.

6..CTRL + Z:- Undo the items.

7..CTRL + Y:- Redo the selected item.

8..CTRL + N:– Open a NEW window.

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