Attention Everyone Deadline to Link with Aadhar Card…




  • New Delhi “UDAI” Authority Announced that the deadline for the Aadhar card to link every Account link verification:-


  • BANK AC, SIM CARDS, and PAN CARD with the biometric ID stand “VALID and LAWFUL”, and there is no change in the

DEADLINE to Link with Aadhar to every accounts like BANK Acc.(December 31st 2017) , SIM Cards, PAN Cards is On (March 31st 2018),and for SIM cards it is (February 6th 2018).


  • Governments have also announced that it is mandatory for everyone to link his/her acc. to Links With the Aadhar Card ;
  • The last date of linking of the Aadhar with banks and financial services is mandatory to everyone on 31st December 2017, So be attention for everyone fro the deadline announced by the Gov.Of India.


“That Aadhaar Act being in force, all notifications for requiring Aadhaar for various welfare programmes, Verifying Bank Accounts, PAN card and SIM card with Aadhaar stand valid and lawful,”>>> it said in a statement.


Therefore, subsequent notifications issued under section/s of Aadhaar Act for requiring Aadhaar as the primary identifier by various ministries and departments of Government of India and States/UTs Governments for various services, benefits and subsidies hold the field today,” it said.


  • If you want to Link With “INCOME TAX” links are given Below:-


  • To Get the More Info. ABout Linking of Aadhar please Visit this Blog:-


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