Attention…!!!! to all Taxpayers Of GST Returns

1.What is “GSTR-6“?
2.Who can file “GSTR-6“?
3.When to file “GSTR-6“?
4.Which type of details Include in “GSTR-6“?



*Complete User Manual Guideline to Return File of GSTR-6.
Link Given Below:-

>>>GSTR-6 is an included with Documents-Statement filed on the Monthly basis by INPUT SERVICE DISTRIBUTORS only -(I.S.D).

>>Only Taxable Person registered as INPUT SERVICE DISTRIBUTORS– (I.S.D) is required to fulfill the details of Input Credit Distributors in “G.S.T.R-6” form.

>>>Particular month can be filed to the completion of that Month.Also, the Last date of Filing this return is before the “13th” of that following Month.
>>>Input Tax Credit (ITC) Distributors among the branches of the organizations.
>>>Inward Supplies received and Purchases made from other registered Taxpayers on which an Input Tax Credit is available for Distributions.
>>>Input tax credit distributed among the branches of the organization


To Get more info. about GSTR-6:-
Click on This Link:-


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